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The title of the exhibition Eleven indicates the aesthetic purpose of the young artist Alexandra Sviatchenko. The needles of the clock marks a time before noon or before midnight, a fixation of time that indicates the anticipation of a transition, a change.

The exhibition is an installation where the drawings are directly drawn on the wall. It is a collageaesthetic where figurative elements, ornaments and text contribute with a poetic flow.

There is a spontaneous, raw and accessibility in Alexandra Sviatchenkos reduction of the artistic process to a clean graphic statement. And in coherence with the contemporary artworld Sviatchenko uses the drawing as an important artistic medium.

The exhibition presents the spectator for fragmented narratives with connotations to the most simple form for graffiti; the culture of tagging.

It is a young intense and energetic show with references to popular culture and a pronounced female universe.

Anders Benmouyal, curator


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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