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Close window. Refresh/ Public figures

Close Window. Refresh

International Video Exhibition

Works by Mogens Jacobsen, Erik Olofsen, Sachiko Hayashi, Taeyoon Choi, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson

and Daniel G. Andújar

Curator: Annette Finnsdottir


The window is seen as the borderline between inside and outside, between the private and the public domain, but also as the transparence between these spheres. This exhibition presents the digital transmission to the urban pulse and image by showing the videos in the big front window of Senko Studio in Viborg. Simultanously the videos are shown ‘full screen’ at

We call the interface on the internet ‘browserwindow’. It is the way in and the way out of the virtual scape; an opening and a closure. We open up to new information and experiences. We use the functionality ‘refresh’ if we want to update the content. And with “Close Window. Refresh” as the title for this exhibition I want to reflect on the interference and the transcoding the internet has on our daily reality.

The artists are all from the international digital art scene and embrace the theme from an aesthetic, humorous, social or/and political point of view.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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