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Everything comes together

‘Everything Comes Together’ forms part of the

ongoing study ‘In Relation 2’, through which Susie Forman and

James Greenhow explore the boundaries of their personal and

professional relationships.

Lovers for five years, cohabitants for three years and

close colleagues for two years, they eat, sleep, travel, work and

socialise side by side.

When, during the day, should the switch from

personal’ to ‘professional’ take place? Does it take immediate

effect on crossing the office threshold or should it be a slow

transitional manoeuvre, spanning the journey to work each

morning? How much does their personal relationship affect

the view their colleagues hold of them? Does the combining

of these relationships affect their view of each other? Could this

view have become numbed by over exposure?

‘Everything Comes Together’ takes the form of two

studies, created exclusively for Senko, and presented in a format

as unconventional as the artists’ lives. It looks specifically at the

couples contrasting perceptions, both of how they see themselves

and how they believe each sees the other.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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