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Hogar Materno - The births of a nation

Hogar Materno is a unique insight into the future of Cuba - a Communist dictatorship on the brink of political and social change.

To document this future transition, London-based photographer Susie Forman traveled to Cuba to record those who will be most significantly affected by these uncertain times – women expecting children, the mothers of Cuba’s future generations.

Susie visited the maternity wards of a hospital in Vinales where women stay for their last term of pregnancy. The expectant mothers remain in the institution to be near medical assistance should they go into labor prematurely, avoiding long, potentially dangerous treks to hospital.

Susie said: “I wanted the pictures to represent the future the country could face post-Castro. Rather than taking pictures of cars, bars or objects, which represent Cuba’s present state, pregnant women represent potential, a new beginning, starting with a clean slate.

“I was interested in how these women felt about the possibility that the Cuba their children grow up in will be so radically different from the one their generation and the previous generations have known.

“The pictures I have taken demonstrate their hopes, fears and expectations.”


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