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Laurel Ptak


Laurel Ptak is an independent curator, educator and photographer. Based in New York City, she has worked for numerous leading arts institutions including the Guggenheim Museum, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, Art:21 and Aperture Foundation.

Ms. Ptak is best known as founder and curator of the popular photography website The blog has become well known for showcasing visually and conceptually cutting-edge work by mostly young and unknown photographers hailing from all parts of the globe. The site attracts more than 30,000 page views every month and is a daily read for photographers, photo editors, curators as well as used as an educational resource for high school, undergraduate and MFA classrooms around the world.

Laurel Ptak's unique curatorial vision has also been applied to many "real world" projects including the exhibition "" at Higher Pictures in New York City and the ground-breaking exhibition at the Pierro Gallery "Is it possible to make a photograph of New Jersey regardless of where you are in the world?" curated exclusively through digital means, featuring more than 1,000 images by 189 photographers from 18 different countries. Ms. Ptak is additionally an active public speaker on photography and has recently lectured at the 2008 New York Photo Festival, Aperture Foundation, The Tang Museum, New York University, the Cooper Union, University of California at Los Angeles, Skidmore College, School of Visual Arts, Hampshire College, and PS1 Contemporary Art Center.

Both her online and offline projects have garnered much attention from the press, including articles, interviews, reviews, TV and radio appearances for: The International Herald Tribune, New York Magazine, USA Today, Tokion Magazine, Artinfo, New York Daily News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Lib├ęberation, Design Arts Daily, The China Post, The Style Press, Rhizome, WMBC-TV, Cablevision, WINS, WNJN, and many more.

Ms. Ptak's own photographic work is published in the book 25 Under 25: Up-And-Coming American Photographers (PowerHouse Books, 2003) and her writing on photography appears in the Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography (Routledge, 2005), the exhibition catalouge Is it Possible to Make a Photograph of New Jersey Regardless of Where You Are in the World? (Pierro Gallery, 2008) and Aperture Magazine. She is currently working on a book project about contemporary portraiture titled Un-Portrait.


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