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Paralysed in paradise

In the current exhibition – „Paralysed in Paradise“ –, Edith Payer’s works are aiming at the creation of a trivial picture world, using the language of forms of comics and cartoons. In this process, it is primarily the range of imagery which causes confusion. A mixture of styles, techniques and vocabularies stage their own performance – breathing pictures that stimulate the imagination while retaining their immediate reality. Thus comical moments emerge at the expense of the tragic incidence.

The Hunting Scenes, an open series of photoworks, are based on large-scale collages made of A4-prints, which serve as a static background for the staging of different hunting situations. Someone tries, for instance, to shoot wildfowl with a high-tech-gun in a park; a posing, masked hero deep in the woods has already caught a herring, and a queen departs gracefully from the scene to escape the attack of a hornet. The depiction of the heroes is exaggerated, yet tangible; the situations are blown up to absurd proportions and contain mythological potential by showing archetypal features. Apart from the hunting scenes, Edith Payer is also exhibiting a range of hunting trophies with black balloons instead of antlers and other bizarre works.

Paralysed in Paradise offers an alternative concept for the anthropocentric and aestheticising gaze of human existence. Neither man nor beast is made fetish or icon. In contrast to superhero epics and a glut of superhuman and biotechnoid super-characters, Edith Payer focuses on an “authentic” expression of creations of desire and fear through calculated trash gestures.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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