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Prison of love

"The open cortex produces an ecstatic state. The nervous system operating free of learned abstraction is a completely adequate, completely efficient, ecstatic organ… Remember, man´s natural state is ecstatic wonder, ecstatic intuition, ecstatic, accurate movement. Don´t settle for less."

- Timothy Leary

The title of the exhibition ´Prison of love´ indicates the artist duo KONVOJ ambivalent love affair with psychedelic art, music and culture. The exhibition is an expression for a reorganisation and reflection of a collective visual library we all know of. It is a reinterpretation of the culture that functions as inspiration and at the same time is a mental straitjacket.

KONVOJs installation in Senko Studio operates with juxtaposition between the contemplative and the vibrating and dazzling.

Spectators come join the cyclic meditative form.

Get that rhythmic tone,

repeat that beat.

Together we can sing a rainbow.

The artist duo KONVOJ consist of Peter Rørbæk and Anders Benmouyal.

The exhibition is supported by The Danish Art Council.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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