SENKO studio

SENKO studio

SENKO presents:

René Schmidt & Ole Krabbe - Poulsen


René Schmidt and Ole Krabbe-Poulsen have practised a artistic coorporation since 1999.

Back then it seemed obvious to create a space parallel to our separate productions as artists, a space in which to challenge and mix the ideas and methods of two individuals in an atempt to reach intermediate solutions (we call it The Middleway).

We both carry the implications of a socialdemocratic (consensus) upbringing and education later combined with the ultra-liberalistic and egocentric modes of the art industry and thus equipt we chase our core subjects in an undogmatic and unfundamentalistic process.

Follow the links below and see what we have come up with untill now concerning 3d economy, systematic distribution of ideas, mobile architecture, wrap-swap.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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