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Russian perspectives. New russian photography. part 1

“The Russian perspective as the opposite perspective, as the icon perspective, from the outer to the inner, from the reflection and control of reality to its acceptance and amazement, included, and one is talking about inner reality”.

The exhibition “Russian perspectives. New Russian photography. Part 1”, – as seen from the title, has been conceived of as the first series of a new exhibition projectmonitoring of today’s landscape of new Russian photography: the observation of and search for new names which may signify the arising tendencies of the development of this photographic continent.

Opening a new exhibition cycle, the curators do not wish to put forward revolutionary statements about the change of the whole discourse of the development of Russian photography, ostensibly taking place today. The observation of the current situation speaks, more likely, about the expansion of meanings of already existing trends. Therefore “Part 1”, both conceptually and from the exposition point of view, is built as the entering from the outer world, from new documentary photography into the world of art-photography, directed not so much towards the attainment of the

programmed plastic effect, but towards the establishment of a dialogue with photography as a medium, having, independently from the author, its own inner potential of expression, and, in such a way, its own possibilities for the interpretation of reality.

This exhibition – having cast aside the ironic “popular” cocoon of form, is an attempt to confess. From it begins the Russian perspective: what, if not the question of the aim of human existence (I am; what is the aim of my being?), occupies Russian artists?

The following authors are represented within the framework of the “first part”: Aleksey Goga, Aleksandr Gronsky, Aleksey Kuzmichev, Alisa Nikulina, Tatevik Sarkisyan, Zhenya Slobodnik, Anna Gvirts, Aleksandr Russov, Slava

Lagutkin (authors’ books of photographs).

Within the framework of the exposition, there will be access to a collection of contemporary limited-edition photographic books from Russia.

The exhibition curator is Irina Tchmyreva (Russia).

Open: Saturdays 12-15 and Sundays 14-17

The last day – the 3d of August 2008

Sct. Mathiasgade 35 D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

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