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SENKO studio - exhibitions programme:

Senko Studio loves Senko Art Forum - Collage Collection Part 1. Danish perspective

Opening the 19th of Januar 12-15

Open Saturdays 12-15 and Sundays 14-17

The last day the 17th of February 2008

Sct. Mathiasgade 35 D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Ctrl+x = cut ctrl+c =copy ctrl+v = paste

The ´equation´ above is the modern version of the collage. This is how it works; you cut, copy and paste – transforming visual elements from one context to a new form of coherence. The collage represents a playful and kaleidoscopic structure.

It’s looking back and forth in time, and it’s simply a juxtaposition of images and statements.

The collage is referring to a collective visual memory, an image flow of impressions that revitalizes in a reorganization of materials.

The collage represents a mix of different elements and reveals subjects from surprising angles and takes the subjects to a critical examination. The method can be used for a dialectic unveiling of a clash of interests and a way of showing that there are different perspectives.

The collage-technique tends towards a collapse, and deliberately creates disharmonies in space and dimensions which contradicts the common sense. The collage contradicts gravity and is not making any obviously conclusions.

The exhibition, which presents a variety of interesting Danish collage artists, is the first of three collage exhibitions in Senko Studio 2008.

The next exhibition focuses on the Nordic countries approach to the collage and the final exhibition represents an international perspective.

The selection of participating artists reflects the form of the collage in a mix of ages, contrasts, subjects and the approach to the collage as an artistic medium.

The collage exhibition is an appetizer for Senko Studio and Sergei Sviatchenkos future planning for the first Danish collage museum Senko Forum, situated in Viborg.

We will like to thank: The Artists, Gallery Christina Wilson, Gallery Tom Christoffersen and Nils Erik Gjerdevik.

Participating artists: Jesper Fabricius (1957), Svend Hauptmann (1911-1984), Mette Gitz-Johansen (1956), Poul Jupont (1956), Kirsten Otzen Keck (1969), Heine Kjærgaard Klausen (1978), KONVOJ, Jørgen Carlo Larsen (1954), Viggo Madsen (1943), Albert Mertz (1920-1990), Knud Odde (1955), Kirstine Roepstorff (1972), Sergei Sviatchenko (1952), Svend-Allan Sørensen (1975), Christian Vind (1969). Mette Winckelmann (1971)


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