SENKO studio

SENKO studio

SENKO presents:

Signe Vad


My Art:

I like to challenge my self and my media. Photography being still such a young and developing art form has great opportunities to grow and refine.

It is not enough to make a nice picture anymore, we are in a process of refining the photographic art so it has deeper levels more current understanding, stronger concept and relates to contemporary art.

I am a strong spokesman for that we artist photographers have to challenge our self and the art we create. It is strongly interesting to see what is happening on the art scene right now, because photography is developing so much these days.

The past couple of years I've worked on three different projects. For me it is almost like working with three different kinds of music. All three is for me a way to challenge my own photography and my art and to dive deep into something for me very important.


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