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J&K, Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund, Pilaiporn ‘June’ Pethrith, Sergei Sviatchenko

26 September–24 November

Milk Wall by Senko Studio

THIS IS NOT FICTION brings together four emerging artists who look to challenge, manipulate and play with our collective notions of reality. Through performance, photography, collage and painting, the boundaries between what is real and what is imagined become blurred and redefined. From these grey areas unexpected scenarios, perspectives and pictures of the world emerge.

J&K, Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund, Pilaiporn ‘June’ Pethrith and Sergei Sviatchenko use real life as a laboratory for social experiments that sharpen our view of what limits, shapes and forms us as individuals; they utilise our shared reality as raw material for their art. Through questioning our world these artists challenge the mundane, preconceived and predictable notions of how we conduct our lives today. They ask us: are we able to imagine an alternative to the way in which we live?

Are we capable of injecting a shot of fiction into our lives? And if given the chance, would we even dare?

J&K stage and photograph themselves in performative actions dressed as homeless people, slaves or Egyptian goddesses. Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund photograph staged situations in which they instruct their selected groups to explore and test the boundaries of social norms. Pilaiporn ‘June’ Pethrith´s elf-like figures are written into the all-powerful images of mass media, whilst Sergei Sviatchenko conceives surreal figures and scenarios from a whirlpool of contemporary images from advertising, magazines or his personal visual universe. Confronted with these humorous and surprising pictures, the viewer is forced to expand his everyday consciousness, to reflect upon his surroundings and the force of mass media, and to question his own personal part to play in the ways in which we understand, experience and interact with the world.

THIS IS NOT FICTION presents four mini-retrospectives of emerging Danish artists as they sit on the verge of international breakthrough, providing an opportunity to view both early and brand-new works from of these exceptional artists at the beginning of their artistic careers.

THIS IS NOT FICTION was curated by Christian Skovbjerg Jensen and Nina Poulsen

Milk Wall by Senko Studio

Milk Contemporary

Waterfront Shopping

Tuborg Havnevej 4-8




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