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This modern life

This modern life; searching for the self in the other.

06.01 – 28.01.07

This modern life; searching for the self in the other brings together seven emerging artists whose work reflects conceptual currents in contemporary photography. As our social perspectives shift ever inwards, our most familiar, intimate environments metamorphosize into a complex messaging system; one which both informs and defines us. From this view, the things around us – people, places, objects, actions, experiences, thoughts, memories – become malleable metaphors for understanding who we are.

Art photographer Annika von Hausswolff is widely recognized for her philosophical explorations of the self. Her acclaimed `domestic sculpture’ transformed those things closest to us into art analogy; here, in the Legacy of Beige, colour and cloth make clear messages about female identity and assimilation. Emerging artist Kim Boske draws on time and associative memory to create quiet stories of family, history and relationships; whilst Emilie Björk sits firmly in the present, her ongoing self portraiture building a portfolio of experience, relationships and feelings – her pictures punctuated with titles that expose drama and meaning in her work. Words are also important to anthropological image-makers Nina Jan Beier and Marie Jan Lund. Their photographs and films study human behaviour and interaction; explorations of everyday activities reveal deeper meanings in collective experience or consciousness. Swiss duo Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs create multifaceted images that combine creative principles and perspectives; merging layers of truth and fiction to build personal pictures of contemporary life.

Sometimes playfully, at times with great weight, these photographers transform our everyday environments and experiences into meaningful reflections on why, when and how we relate with the world and each other.

Photography & film by Annika von Hausswolff, Kim Boske, Emilie Björk, Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs.

Curated by Faye Dowling (UK)


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