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The works in the exhibition True Stories are built up around a number of small stories, each work makes a composition of 4-5 pictures, that altogether tells a story. With “take-off” in personal memories the photographer Carina Jo Sivager and the painter Iben Kofod created a row of “picture bunches” the content of which covers abstract patterns as well as recognisable motives. Photography and painting is shown side by side and circle about the meting between figure and abstraction, surface and room, which was also characteristic of the earlier co-exhibitions, RUM-LIG I and II

True Stories, however, supplies space with yet another dimension, as the pictures, which each work consists of, are mounted on flamingo boxes, which makes them stand out from the wall like minimalistic sculptures. The effect is ambiguous as on one hand it gives the pictures a sensual presence and on the other establishes a room behind the works to which we have no access.

The picture mosaics are based on real memories of the individual artist, which later on has been arranged and interpreted by both with respectively painting and photography. In this way True Stories rise from a both personal and aesthetic dialog between the two artists, which to a great extent involves the exhibition room of Senko and the people who enter it.

True Stories is a tribute to the revival of the story in the visual art of our time. At the same time the title plays on the hunger for authenticity and stories of life, which the entertainment industry with its many reality-shows and portrait-programmes lives on at the present. For Iben Kofod and Carina Jo Sivager however the original story – the original memory – does not make a goal, but means of communication. A “true story” never stands alone. It is a complex interaction of visual expressions and interpretations. It has more than one storyteller and ought to be told again and again.

About the artists

Carina Jo Sivager and Iben Kofod graduated from the School of Danish Design and their works have been shown at numerous separate- and group exhibitions. The mutual exhibition-trilogy RUM-LIG, which was shown at Galleri Asbæk in 2004 and Århus Kunstbygning in 2006, will end in the spring of 2008 Århus Kunstbygning with an exhibition and a comprehensive catalogue.


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