SENKO studio

SENKO studio

SENKO studio - exhibitions programme:

World Builders

Rain and snow are now available !

The Variator generate random variations for complex models such as skies, plants and other objects. Quickly create hundreds of unique plants or trees for complex scenes and fly-bys

Plants Blow in the Wind

Plant Editor allows you to draw a plant from scratch just like you would draw a spline or skeleton line. Also you can add billboard foliage. Plants generated using this method can be loaded into Sony PS-2 applications for real time viewing.

And grass. The blades also now have sharp tops. We have improved the scaling of grass together with terrain to eliminate the need for additional adjustments.

You can create an entire forest from a single tree or an entire lawn from a single blade of grass.

The New Cloud Features Cumulonimbus-type clouds can be animated in all areas and a new wind for this type of cloud has been created.

Creativity offers you uncompromising power and control.


Design by: james greenhow
Flash by: robert haff

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