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"VOICES"- Emilio Fantin

Supported by Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Copenhagen

I am very happy to present my new work “Voices” at the "Senko Studio",

because “voices” is a work about the feminine condition and I know

that the cultural approach of "Senko Studio" takes care not only of

the aesthetic results but even of the social and philosophical


I am also happy because in 2006 I will have the possibility to bring my

work in Denmark and in Norway and I am so excited to know these

artistic environments

The installation “Voices “ consists of a pulpit made with some

ironing-boards, two flags made by table-cloth material, some drawings

on paper and an audio system.

A pulpit with two flags in the back is situated in the middle of the

space. The recorded voices of many different women come from the


Some audio excerpts, recorded from real speeches or films, induce to

the listener an intense emotion and a critical sense on the condition

of the human being and the woman in particular: from Queen Elizabeth

of England to Eleanor di Aquitaine, from Condoleeza Rice to Lucrezia

Borgia, Mother Teresa Calcutta, Veronica Guerin, Lady Diana, Ulrike

Meinhof, Evita Peron and many other absolutely unknown.

This installation puts in relationship the possibility of an emotional

involvement, strongly typical of the theatrical performance, with the

static atmosphere of a not animated scene (a visual set). The

play-making does not happen through the identification in a

protagonist, or more protagonists, like normally it happens in theatre,

but through a performance, in which the spectator, listening and

seeing, is the protagonist and the generator of his own inner drama. No

stereotype or preconstituted model will be able to avoid to the

spectator to take dramatically position for or one or the other of the

concepts, the values and the essences that these feminine figures


Emilio Fantin


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